About Me...

I am a lifelong beachcomber and have been exploring the shores of Puget Sound since long before I can remember.  It's quite possible that some of my first steps were taken on our pebbled beaches (and my first falls taken as I tried to pick up a treasure from the tide line).  I spent my childhood navigating the waters of Puget Sound with my parents and now live on a small Island where I teach my children about the amazing gifts the sea has to offer. We are travellers, conservationists, and stewards of the beaches we explore. I am an artist, photographer and speaker about the waters of Puget Sound.

Each piece I create is made with the utmost attention to detail; from knowing the sea glass is a genuine surf-tumbled gem and where it came from, to making sure the silver shines from every angle. I take a great deal of pride in creating pieces that will stand the test of time. 


My Story

The Sea and the Sky; they are my true inspiration. I am lucky to live on Hawai'i Island now, surrounded by the magic that is the mighty Pacific Ocean and brilliant blue skies. From my jeweler's bench I can hear the roar of the ocean and I know it's beauty is nearby.

I began my silversmithing journey on a small island in the Pacific Northwest in Washington State where I could look out from my jeweler's bench and see both the ever-changing sky as well as the waters of Puget Sound. Nature and all her elements completely surrounded my work space. I continue to draw inspiration from the shimmer of the light on the water, the electric pinky reds as the sun sets over the Pacific and am grateful for the years of seeing that changing colors over the Olympic mountains and even the deep blue grey of gathering storm clouds.  My hope is to capture these moments in what I create and share a bit of my Sea and Sky with you.

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The Seaglass


Each piece that I create is made with genuine surf-tumbled sea glass, picked up on the shores by beachcombers like me. The sea glass I use is in its natural state. When a piece of jewelry is listed, I always include the information about the sea glass, from where it is from to what it may have been previous to its time in the ocean. I gather bits of sea glass in my travels and love to use them in my work, plus I am so thrilled to work with fellow beachcombers from around the globe to bring you rare and genuine sea glass gems from these amazing shores:

* England      * Scotland     * Spain     * Italy     * Greece     * Malta     * Iceland     * Russia     * Israel     * Japan     *Australia     * Norway      * Canary Islands     * Canada     * Alaska     * Puerto Rico     * Bermuda     * Hawaiian Islands      * Caribbean     * Washington     * California      * Maryland     * Delaware     * Florida     * And many other beaches around the world